Jains for Justice aims to build grassroots allyship and advance justice through a contemporary South Asian lens grounded in Jain values.

Jains for Justice was founded in June 2020 by young Jains in the weeks following the heinous murder of George Floyd. They created a space to express their frustration at a society that continues to fail its most marginalized and underprivileged members and coalesced around the goal of channeling their creative energies into educating, organizing, and changing their community for the better. Jains for Justice is the result of that ongoing effort.

Our Guiding Principles

oUr Guiding Principles



A just society must actively choose to minimize violence and reduce the suffering of all living beings.



A just society must provide fair representation for the voices and perspectives of marginalized peoples.



A just society is an equitable one where power and prosperity are shared, not hoarded by an elite few.

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Here's a list of areas in which we're currently concentrating our efforts.

Animal & Environmental Justice

Fighting for all living beings to have access to a healthy, safe, and sustainable environment.

Civic Engagement

Educating, coordinating, and mobilizing the Jain community to amplify the political and civic reach of those closest to injustice.

Gender & Sexuality

Bringing awareness of gender- and sexuality-related issues to the Jain community & building pathways for community support.

Race, Caste, Religion

Understanding and deconstructing racial, caste-based, and religious barriers to equality for all.